Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Walk Down Heavenly Lane

Leviticus 26.12
I'll stroll through your streets.
oh what an amazing, God! thank you lord that when we obey you, when we follow you and put your first, when we love your word more than our life, you will be with us so much so that even our streets will be graced with your presence! lord this means safety, among other things! ultimate protection, permeating peace and glorious confidence in you! no matter what the enemy does, so long as you are with us bringing us where you want us to be and letting us do what you want us to do, your spirit will just flow with ours in perfect harmony, peace, no striving, no useless effort - all given holy ease no matter what the difficulty, no matter what the circumstance. amen amen! praise you lord for your generosity! absolute protection - everything covered, from physical to the spiritual. all our anxieties, worries, fears and what not - all gone in you! thank you lord!

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