Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sick 'Em!

Leviticus 26.7
You'll chase out your enemies and defeat them.
thank you God for the confidence! this security that can only be found in you! in living by your ways and minding your direction for us, lord, we will chase out our enemies and defeat them lord! thank you God that we don't battle with flesh and blood, but with spiritual forces and principalities - all of which you have defeated, defeated lord! victory is yours! in our daily lives, in our lifelong stay here on earth, big or small, circumstances and situations or choices and decisions - we will chase all our enemies and enforce your victory on them! thank you lord! we will keep taking you at your word, we will busy ourselves with this! how to put you and your word into action in our lives, permeating our thinking, flowing out of our lips, invading our thoughts, beating through our heart, living your word with our lives. thank you thank you lord! praise you!

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