Thursday, December 27, 2012


Leviticus 26.17
If you obey me, you will be governed by people who love you.
what favour, God! what great great favour! amen amen amen! thank you lord for surrounding us with people who fear you, for letting people in office and authority grant us favour that comes from you, lord. thank you for overcoming bureaucracy for us, for overcoming obstacles for us, for always going before us when we obey you lord. thank you that people who hate us will not govern us! thank you for and praise you lord for such sovereignty that even in these things your hand is mightily evident! what a God, what a huge honour to be following you, to be led by you, to be representing you and be represented by you! thank you lord for your love, for this privilege to follow you, for your grace that empowers us to obey you and do what you want us to do. praise you lord, you got everything covered!

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