Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Distractions Whatsoever

Leviticus 26.6
I'll get rid of the wild beasts; I'll eliminate war.
whoa what a word, lord! if we choose to live by your word, if we let your word govern our lives, our decisions, our choices, if we look to you not just in times of trouble but at all times especially at the start of anything, if we rely on your grace to obey you and do your bidding, if we keep our hearts open and teachable to what you want and what you are constantly telling us in your word and through your spirit, you will get rid of the wild beasts - the very things that destroy our livelihood, the causes of theft, death and destruction to whatever you have entrusted to us and graced us to do - you will drive them all away and put an end to them and their work! you'll eliminate war, anything that steals our peace, any ill feeling, situations and circumstances that go against you, that rebel against you and every thought that isn't captive to you. thank you thank you lord! we'll have your peace that passes understanding, your fruitfulness undisturbed. physically and spiritually covered in you. thank you thank you lord!

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