Friday, December 28, 2012

No Chase

Leviticus 26.17
If you obey me, you will never be afraid like running scared even when there's no one chasing you.
what courage, what confidence and security we can have by following you, lord! gone are all our worries! gone are all our anxieties and paranoia, our concerns that get blown up by losing focus on you. thank you lord that when we put you first we can truly be sure, secure, steadfast, consistent and strong in your reigning peace that lets us focus on doing what you want us to do while living the life you want us to live in full excellence and stewardship! from our health and physical condition, to our finances and provision, to our spiritual, mental and emotional well-being in you, we have nothing to fear! when we disobey you we will run scared even when there's no one chasing us, but following you gets rid of all our fears! thank you lord for such night and day difference! what a life in you!

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