Monday, December 31, 2012

Dead Set

Leviticus 26.21
If you don't defy me and not refuse to listen, wild animals will not be set on you.
amen! thank you God for such an amazing, amazing promise and sense of security. how true your word and how timely! thank you lord that the wild animals that devour, burn, rampage and destroy will never be set on us as we honour and obey you, as we keep listening to your leading, as we put your word first, as we trust and obey you! thank you lord that this promise applies both physically and spiritually! when we chase after you and not on keeping our life together, YOU keep our life together! when we prioritize you and your ways above our plans and our schemes, the very thing that we plan for and the very things we avoid will be put in absolute order by you! none of the things that will rob us, that will steal from us, when we focus on you the giver, you the blesser, you our God! thank you lord!

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