Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Leviticus 26.22
If you obey and listen, wild animals will not rob you of your children.
how timely father! how great you are oh God! thank you lord that instead of spending our last breath on keeping everything together, on minding all the details and striving to control everything in our own might and strength, we can choose to use our strength on how to obey you, how to apply your word, how to act on your prompting, how to follow your lead - and all that we put second to you will take great care of themselves because they will all be taken care of by you! you first, the rest second, and the rest will surely be taken care of when you are first! when i mind you first, you mind the rest! thank you for such clarity, for revealing such well-defined priority in our lives! thank you thank you lord, we can truly be secure in you, we can truly be blessed in you, we can truly focus on the most important things because of you!

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