Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Camp Church

Numbers 5.3
Their camp, the place I live among them.
oh wow lord, what great revelation! not only do you dwell in us, individually, not only do you stay with us in our homes, not only when two or three are gathered in your name - but you LIVE AMONG US IN OUR CAMP! our camp is when we get together more than just ourselves, when we get together more than just our homes, more than just our families, but as a community of believers - a camp! that is the place you live among us! thank you lord that you are never in lack when it comes to your church! you never hold out especially when it comes to the bride you so love and died for and rose again for! thank you jesus that your church, your cause, is us! unbelievable, lord, that you for dwelling among us, for living among us as we gather together and come together because of your name, because of you!

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