Friday, January 25, 2013


Numbers 10.29
We're marching to the place about which God promised, I'll give it to you.
yes we are, lord! we are marching to the place you promised to give us! we are taking hold of what you have promised to us - we are pressing on to what you have done, what you are continually doing and what you are about to do! thank you lord for your promise, your word, the very thing we're holding on to, our very substance, our very foundation. thank you so much lord for being so great, being so praiseworthy, being all you are! thank you for calling out what you promises, for giving to us life, spiritual sensitivity, full joy, fruitfulness, prosperity in all aspects, health in all levels, protection in all places, wisdom in all situations, guidance in all directions, peace in all circumstances, security in all undertakings, fulfillment in all relationships - all you are! thank you lord!

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