Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Godfather

Numbers 11.23
Do you think I can't take care of you?
oh God. what words! what reassuring words of peace, calm and security in you! lord, what else can we say? what else can we do but praise and thank you, lord! you left nothing to chance, you left nothing forgotten, you left nothing skipped - all beautifully and wonderfully written in your perfectly conceived thoughts and will. lord, how true your word is - for us to believe not just in our hearts, but even in our thoughts - for us to THINK about how you take great care of us, the best there is! for us to settle all doubts and questions in our minds with this simple trust in you, that you, in all your great power and holiness and love and grace, take good care of us. thank you God! may this shake us down to our core and forever put our trust in you. we love you lord!

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