Friday, January 04, 2013

Enough Is Enough!

Leviticus 26.26
If you obey me, you'll eat, and never barely -- everyone will get enough.
what word of provision lord! what word of certainty and truth in you lord! how great you are, how loving you are, how amazing you are! how thank you lord for directly answering our question, for lovingly addressing our concerns! thank you so much lord for your goodness, you are really great and you are amazing, father! we love and praise you father, because of your foresight and your sovereignty we know we will always be provided for! from our bodies to our souls to our spirits! thank you lord that when we follow you, when we put you first, even our very basic needs will be taken care of! when we move in your ways, when we govern ourselves with your word, when we let you spirit take over and take the reigns, father, we will never be in lack, we will always be supplied, everyone will get enough! praise you lord, thank you!

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