Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Leviticus 26.22
If you obey and listen, wild animals will not kill your cattle.
what a God! thank you for giving us freewill - to be able to choose to obey you and live out your ways! for such great promises that come with obeying you, following you, not denying you, not defying you, listening to you and putting you first, living by your word, by your truth and always being conscious of what you think more than we think. amazing, lord! no matter what the enemy tries to do, no matter what the enemy tries to set off, they will all be null and void, invalid, not an issue! any attempt at our life, any attempt at separating us from you and your destiny and plan for us - whether physical or spiritual, will all be powerless as we put you first! no matter how wild the animals, they will never kill our cattle. no matter how unruly everything is around us, nothing can break us, nothing can move us because of you! praise you lord!

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