Saturday, January 05, 2013


Leviticus 26.32
If you obey me, your land will not be turned into a lifeless moonscape.
amen, what an assurance of thriving, flourishing, healthy life in you, lord! when we put you first, we will never slip into a run-of-the-mill routine, our life will never be boring, our life will be full of your action, father, your grace, your provision, your acts, your miracles - from our very breath, to everyone around us, to everything about the lives you have given to us, thank you lord! you are amazing, father, because with you we have LIFE itself! without you we amount to nothing. thank you lord that we have something great to look forward to, we have a strong, protected future, we have a great fruitful future, something that we will never be afraid of - no - we will be expectant, going from strength to strength, blessing your name with all that we need in all that we do because you make sure we have real LIFE in you!

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