Saturday, January 19, 2013


Numbers 6.26
God look you full in the face.
yes God thank you for your gaze. thank you for your favour, your attention, your blessing. thank you God for giving us life, for giving us grace, for empowering us to be strong, victrious and mighty because of you! thank you for filling our life with your light, for letting your light enter our lives and cleaning house and recreating us into brand new individuals ready to obey, to love, to learn, to live! thank you holy spirit for God's presence in our lives, magnifying jesus and elevating him in our every moment, every thought, every action. you are amazing, God! thank you for communing with us, for never letting anything else get in the way, never letting anything else between us be interrupted, not even death itself could separate us from you. thank you for knowing exactly what we need, for letting us connect with you for eternity.

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