Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Numbers 10.10
Blow the bugles: they will keep your attention on God. I am God, your God.
yes lord, we will keep ourselves on our toes, always standing at attention, respondent to your trumpet call - thank you lord that as we continue to intensify our focus on you and really get rid of all the distractions, we are able to listen to you more, practice your presence and can more readily do what you want us to do. thank you lord for giving us this great reminder to drop everything in lieu of keeping our attention on you. all because you are God, our God. nobody, nothing deserves more effort, more attention from us than you, because you are our source, our life, our everything. be blessed, be praised, be honoured lord, for who you are, for all you've done and for all you'll still do. yes God, we will blow the bugles, sound the alarm, blast the trumpets and keep our attention on you, God, our God!

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