Monday, January 07, 2013

In Order

Leviticus 26.45
I brought you out of Egypt in order to be your God.
thank you lord! thank you for your great saving power, your infinite wisdom, we can only praise, praise, praise! thank you for bringing us out of the pit and doing the impossible, crossing life and death to bring us back to you in your generous grace! thank you lord that because of what you did we have favour, we have truth, we have the propensity to be blessed, we are restored, we are redeemed, we actually have the chance at having something great and beautiful happening in our lives, all because you pulled us out of our doom and brought us to your light! to your transforming light that literally turned our darkness into hope! you turned our despair into a bright future, our past into a great testimony, our mistakes into instruments of your glory! praise you praise you praise you!

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