Sunday, January 06, 2013

Promise Keeper

Leviticus 26.45
I won't break my covenant with them: I am God, their God.
amen amen! thank you lord that when you commission your words you will never forget to make good on it! thank you lord that what we have in you is tried, tested and true, sure and blessed because you are who you are! thank you lord that you are our love, you are our joy, you are our strength, you are our future, you are our power, you are our unending hope, our promise, our expectation! thank you lord for your truth, for your word! you never forget your promise with the ones you choose to be in a covenant! thank you lord for the promises you made to those who have gone before us, the same promise that covers us and blesses us who believe in you and follow you and put you first! thank you lord we have something we can hold on to FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES, and for THE GENERATIONS AFTER US!

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