Saturday, January 12, 2013

Community Chest

Numbers 1.52
The Levites will set up camp around The Dwelling of The Testimony so that wrath will not fall on the community of Israel.
wow lord thank you for such a strong promise to everyone you have called to serve you and dedicate their entire lives to you - as we set apart our hearts to you, as we set apart our mind, emotion, will and whole body to you, you will make sure that it's not just us who will be covered by your protection and your favour, but our entire community! not just our family, but everyone connected to us as you so graciously filled our lives with people and relationships - both intimate and casual, thank you lord! you cover us with your security, your safety, your protection, your truthfulness, so we can focus on you and what you want us to do, having you as our priority and your ways and means permeating and dictating all that we do here on earth. praise you lord!

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