Sunday, January 20, 2013

Deep Roots Thriving

Number 6.26
God make you prosper.
amen, lord! thank you that as we focus our gaze on you, as we look to you our whole lives, you will make us prosper! abundantly grow, heavily thrive and fruitfully flourish! thank you lord that truly anything our hands will touch becomes fruitful because of you! thank you lord that our prosperity is so much more than just physical - from our spiritual well-being and growth and strength, right down to going beyond our physical provision so we can be the blessing that you have written us to be to everyone around us. thank you lord that as we focus on you, as we continue to draw no you for our everything, for absolutely all things that we are - you make us prosper! thank you lord that this blessing is not up to us and who we are, but up to you, fully trustworthy, fully faithful, fully prospering, fully God!

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