Friday, January 18, 2013

Pearly Whites

Number 6.25
God smile on you and gift you.
oh what wonders your smile brings, lord! what doors are opened because of your favour! what indescribable joy fills our hearts beyond comprehension because of your care. what sure and foundational security we know deep in our minds and hearts because of your attention. what immeasurable grace we have at our disposal because of your high thoughts! what wisdom and guidance we have because of your foresight, your plan and sovereignty. what fruitfulness and provision we have because of your gifting! how we flourish because of you! thank you lord for the health, creativity, wisdom, blessings, everything more than we need - thank you for you. you are our source, our beginning, our end, our everything. all praise, all glory, all honour truly be unto you. amen and amen!

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