Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Leviticus 27.28
Everything devoted is holy to the highest degree; it's God's inalienable property.
what a word, God! anything specially set apart for you -- whether a person, an animal, or family property -- has been set apart as holy, and it belongs to you! (NLT). thank you lord that we can devote our entire being to you, God! our mind, heart, soul, life! thank you lord for giving us this chance to offer for your EXCLUSIVE USE our whole self - starting with our thoughts, from sun up to sun down, right down to our actions. our priority, our decision-making, our relationships, our friendships, our goals, our dreams, our capacities, our entire faculty, our failures, our victories, our weaknesses, our strenghts, our past, our present, our future; our material, our spiritual - they're all yours. and thank you lord that they're INALIENABLE, can never be taken over by anyone else, anything else, spiritual, physical or circumstantial! what an amazing God you are! praise you lord!

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