Thursday, January 03, 2013

24/7 Detail

Leviticus 26.24
If you accept my discipline and not defy me, you'll never be helpless before your enemy.
thank you lord! if we don't refuse your discipline and stop defying you, when we love your ways and your thoughts and your word so much that they become our ways, our thoughts and our word, we will NEVER BE HELPLESS before our enemy! thank you lord for your discipline protects us - your desire for us to read your word daily, to take our thoughts captive and always check if they honour you, to obey you and all you said and let them be the light in our lives. when we keep loving you, keep serving you more, keep honouring your ways more, no attack of the enemy can ever succeed - physically or spiritually! thank you lord for such assurance, for such love, for such protection, for such security in you, for the life that comes from obeying you. thank you lord!

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