Thursday, January 10, 2013

For My God, For My Good

Leviticus 27.30
A tenth is God's. It is holy to God.
yes, father! we fully acknowledge and know in our hearts, mind and spirit that all that we have is yours! thank you God that even with you owning everything you just lay claim of a tenth - a tenth of of the land's produce, whether grain from the ground or fruit from the trees, a tenth of the entire herd and flock, every tenth animal that passes under the shepherd's rod - they are holy to you, set apart for you, to provide for and be the physical well-being of your Sanctuary (vv. 30-33). thank you lord for giving us a chance to be disciplined about our resources, to keep our desires in check, to not let us be destroyed by the excesses of our self. what an insight, lord! even tithing is still for our good! thank you so much father, for your wisdom, praise you for your goodness. what an amazing God!

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