Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You'll Never Walk Alone

Numbers 11.17
You won't have to carry the whole thing alone.
you won't have to carry the whole thing alone. yes lord, thank you! thank you for your design to plant us in families and connect us to your people. thank you lord for making it so clear and wonderfully created that we live in communities, never doing things alone, never carrying burdens and responsibilities alone. thank you lord for putting relationships right in the middle of your plan, you yourself being the epitome of the perfect, harmonious relationship between father, son and holy spirit. thank you lord for being such a great God of order, of love, of foresight, of compassion, of grace, of integrity! thank you lord that you were specifically talking about not just you and us, but us with your whole family, your whole network. blessed be your name, God, we continue to stand amazed!

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