Friday, December 21, 2012


Leviticus 26.13
I am God, your personal God.
thank you lord, thank you for making yourself personal, making yourself accessible to us - like you always have through history. thank you jesus for fulfilling everything that had to be done down to the letter, so we can freely relate to you, praise you lord! thank you that you are not just another impersonal brainchild of religion, not just another fad that will be over soon, not just another trend that will catch on and fade, no you are personal, you are relevant, you are significant, and you care. thank you lord for caring, for listening to us, for giving us what we need, for telling us the truth, for gracing us with your presence. thank you that your identity is the anchor of all we are, all we ever will be, all we hope to be. praise you lord, praise you, we rejoice in you! thank you lord!

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