Sunday, December 30, 2012

Productivity As It Should Be

Leviticus 26.20
If you obey me, crops will grow out of the ground, fruit will grow off the trees.
what a true word, lord! what tried, tested and true word! thank you lord that as we obey and trust you with our EVERYTHING, you will literally CAUSE the work of our hands to be fruitful! whatever you have entrusted to us to toil with and work with, you will make sure that they will all be productive! that they are not in vain! that they will indeed yield what's due and even more! you provide not only for our needs but for our generosity. thank you so much lord for such sovereignty, for such foresight, for such power to cause crops to grow out of the ground, to cause trees to bear fruit! you are amazing, lord, we are so in love with you, thank you lord for planting us, making us grow, making us flourish and bear fruit - physically, spiritually! we praise you lord, praise you!

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