Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Leviticus 26.16
If you obey me, you'll plant seeds and your enemies will not eat the crops.
what promise lord! what assurance of fruitfulness in you! thank you lord for your lordship that lets us live our lives in peace and in full regard of what you want for us, not worried about anyone else killing, stealing and destroying what you have for us. thank you for giving us not just all we need but the peace of mind, heart, and spirit and our physical health that grants all the freedom we could have to fully obey you and do what you want for the rest of our days. blessed be your wisdom, lord, your perfect vision, your unending provision, your unexplainable power that guarantees the success and security of everyone who follows and obeys you. thank you for your grace that lets us do exactly that - dedicate our lives to you in full obedience and devotion. praise you lord, thank you lord!

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