Sunday, December 23, 2012

Real Freedom

Leviticus 26.13
I ripped off the harness of your slavery so that you can move about freely.
amen! bless you lord! thank you for such clear and vivid words forever declaring our freedom to follow and serve and obey and love you, lord. what a God! thank you that our past does not have to be despised anymore, it is now a huge testimony of how great your redeeming and transforming work is! thank you that our present is a wonderful and exciting story being written exactly the way you want it, and our future is a great hope and constant source of unending joy, grace and strength. thank you lord that we now wake up to mornings filled with hope, filled with joy and expectation, no matter what is going on, no matter what the circumstances are, no matter who is involved, no matter what the timeline is, you are great, you are amazing, you are always true. praise you lord!

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