Monday, December 17, 2012

In The Neighbourhood

Leviticus 26.11
I'll set up my residence in your neighborhood.
wow, lord, what tremendous blessing that comes with obeying you! one of the best privileges we get to enjoy out of your generosity - you living among us! thank you lord for making yourself comfortable in our dwelling, giving us your grace and gracing us with your presence. thank you lord for where you are, no evil can be. where you are, no work of the enemy could ever prevail. when we dedicate our lives to putting your first, letting you call the shots, you make it a point to always be with us, not just casually, but living with us right from our minds, to our hearts, lives, actions, everyday living, going in and coming out of our homes, being at our workplace and place of business and vocation, touching everything and everyone around us with your presence - we can never go wrong! thank you, praise you, praise you lord!

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