Sunday, December 16, 2012

To The Hilt

Leviticus 26.10
You'll still be eating from last year's harvest when you have to clean out the barns to make room for the new crops.
this is how much you provide, lord, this is how much you stay true to your word - over and above what is required. your generosity shows in every aspect of you fulfilling your word! thank you lord that when we obey you and put you first in our lives, we will absolutely have no worries for our provision and have tons more for our generosity! thank you lord that we will never be in lack, we will never be left wanting, we will always be able to extend your blessings to others, always making room for new crops, for new grace, for new healing, for new hope, for new finances, for new opportunities to love, give, worship, share with others, and honour, praise and magnify you in our lives. praise you lord! thank you for such security, such surety, such hope! bless you lord, bless you!

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