Monday, November 19, 2012


Leviticus 8.5
This is what God commanded to be done.
praise you lord, for your grace. grace upon grace upon grace, lord. grace for us to have the ability to obey you. grace for us to be able to follow you. grace for us to do your bidding. thank you lord that it's not our own strength, not our own devices that matter, but your strength, your ways in all that we do. thank you lord for letting us in on our plan day by day, allowing us to live out the great plan you have for our lives. thank you jesus for perfectly fulfilling all of God's commandments from start to finish, not one single thing missed, so that we can live to freely obey you today. lord, we are forever indebted to you! lord! may we realize everyday the extent to which you have saved us and made us brand new, gave us life to truly live because of you! thank you thank you lord, praise you forever and ever!

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