Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Why

Leviticus 18.30
Don't pollute yourselves. I am God, your God.
yes, lord! thank you for giving us this timely timely reminder, lord. thank you that we will not do things that run counter you, things that destroy us, things that seem pleasurable at the moment but rob us of the best you have for us - we will not do these things not just because they hurt you and hurt us, but because You are God, OUR GOD! we will not destroy our destiny because YOU ARE OUR GOD. we will be mindful of our decisions because YOU ARE OUR GOD. our highest reason is not because of our welfare, not because it is the absolute best for us, not because it keeps us from harm and keeps us in the center of your will, not even because it is the right thing to do - but simply because you are our God. that is more than enough. thank you lord, YOU ARE GOD!

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