Thursday, November 08, 2012

First Choice

Exodus 23.19
Bring the choice first produce of the year to the house of your God.
thank you lord, for giving us a harvest! thank you lord that we can choose from this harvest and bring you the best. thank you lord for making our hands fruitful, for causing whatever you entrusted to us to bear fruit and more than provide for our needs - you use them to provide for the needs of your house and all you've given us them for! what a sovereign God, a loving and completely dependable God, always giving us your word and letting it grow, flourish and bear fruit in our hearts, minds, souls. thank you lord that we have you as our hope, you wrote us into your amazing story, and gave each one of us a specific part of what you are doing. thank you lord for such significance in our lives, thank you for such value you placed in our hearts - keeps us going, keeps us in direction, keeps us as you want us to be used for your house and your purpose. not one thing spent in your house is ever put to waste - relationships, time, resources. praise you lord!

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