Friday, November 16, 2012


Leviticus 1.9
A pleasing fragrance to God.
praise you, jesus, for completing the work of your sacrifice for all eternity! thank you jesus, that because of you, everything we offer is a perfect gift, a pleasing fragrance to God, redeemed and made perfect by you. thank you jesus, that we can be generous to you as you have been generous with us, giving you our daily living and breathing, our words and our hearts, praising and worshiping you from ever possible place at every possible time. thank you holy spirit for leading us and teaching us how to glorify God in all situations and circumstances, good or bad, high or low. thank you God that we can truly rejoice and we can truly pray because you are on top of everything and everything lives, exists and flourishes because of you. thank you, praise you, bless you, lord!

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