Saturday, November 17, 2012


Leviticus 5.13
The priest will make atonement for you and any of these sins you've committed and you're forgiven.
thank you lord, we are forever grateful. thank you for what you have done, once and for all. thank you for perfectly fulfilling your priestly duty as a great and generous act to make amends with God for us, to forgive us and to restore our relationship with you. we could never move on in life without you, we wouldn't even have life without you and the greatness you have done. thank you, thank you lord. thank you that because of you we can confidently go with what you have prepared for us, we can celebrate our highs and learn from our lows. we can be with you and your people and have meaning, purpose and a fruitful destiny. thank you for your generosity that makes us generous. thank you for your love that makes us loving. praise you, lord, praise you!

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