Saturday, March 16, 2013


Numbers 24.18
The enemy marked down at the flea market, while Israel walks off with the trophies.
amen! what an assurance, what security we have in you and in your word, lord! thank you for making sure that nothing will ever outstrip your plans, nothing can so much as touch your provision - what you have ordained, to whom you have ordained them, will truly happen with no disruption whatsoever! thank you God that from the things that matter most - life with You, to the things that the world runs after - health, provision and stability, are all found in you and our enemy cannot do anything about it! thank you lord that all stealing, killing and destruction can't even come close to your hand covering and protecting everything, as you securely sit on your throne untouched and unthreatened by anything the enemy has ever come up with, is coming up with and will ever come up with! what God you are!

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