Wednesday, May 09, 2012

All His

Genesis 14.20
Blessed be The High God, who handed your enemies over to you.
amen! blessed be YOU lord, blessed be YOU! yes lord we understand that we are VICTORIOUS, we are CONQUERORS, we are ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE - every circumstance, every situation, everything that the enemy may throw against us, and IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! the main focus is YOU! our victory's main focus is still YOU - YOU won the whole thing, YOU did everything, YOU are the honored one, YOU are the glorified one! thank you lord for doing this for us, but IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU! thank you lord that what YOU sow, YOU TRULY REAP! and in the same spirit we will enforce what you have won over our lives! we are victorious, you have CONQUERED everything for us, that's why we RETURN ALL THE GLORY TO YOU! ALL THE BLESSING! amen amen!

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