Friday, May 25, 2012


Genesis 19.29
He was mindful of Abraham and first got Lot out of there.
THIS IS YOUR GOD! he's not just mindful of you, he's mindful of THOSE YOU LOVE! God made sure lot wasn't going to be destroyed along with sodom because HE WAS MINDFUL OF ABRAHAM! that's HOW MUCH HE LOVES! because he's mindful of YOU, he will make sure that YOUR FAMILY, your LOVED ONES - those you CARE ABOUT, those dear to you - those you pray for everyday, those you share your life with everyday, those you open yourself up to, the ones HE gave you to be with - those YOU are MINDFUL of, HE IS MINDFUL OF THEM TOO! because he loves YOU, and he loves THEM! and EVERYTHING that goes with you and them all! from health to security to finances to blessings to protection - right down to their hopes and dreams, your ASPIRATIONS for them - they're all included in HIS PLAN! in HIS love, in HIS BEST!

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