Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He Answers

Genesis 16.9
God answered you.
God didn't just hear you, he ANSWERED you! when you were waiting for him, he GOT BACK TO YOU! he never kept you in the dark, he always came with his answer at the right and perfect time. he knew how a word from him means the world to you, and hearing from him just recharges your mind, body and soul! he always faithfully answers, ALWAYS, because he stays true to his word. never again doubt if he'll ever get back to you and pay attention to you, because he always will, he always does, and he never fails, because when he's true to his word, he's true to himself and the whole world. thank you, God, from the depths of my soul, because you answered me, i'll never forget all those times that you did, i'll never lose hope, because you never lose hope, and you always answer! thank you lord!

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