Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Everything Else

Genesis 9.3
Just as I gave you the plants, now I give you everything else.
thank you lord! just as you have given us more than enough for our provision, you now give us EVERYTHING ELSE for us to prosper, flourish and be fruitful in your will! thank you lord! truly never again need we worry about ANYTHING, because just as you have given the plants for our food and provision, so you provide EVERYTHING ELSE. EVERYTHING ELSE! thank you lord!! no holds barred, we can be secure and sure in your provision for us to do what you want us to do! thank you so much lord, we have EVERYTHING WE NEED, and EVERYTHING ELSE! circumstances, situations don't stand a chance against what your word says! we put our hope, our trust in what YOU SAY! thank you lord, our hearts are filled with gratitude and excitement!

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