Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He Hears

Genesis 16.9
God heard you.
listen to this, my soul! God HEARD you! he knows, he KNOWS your every situation, he knows your every circumstance. and when you talk to him, he listens! he hears you, it was true back then, it still is very true now! he has never left you alone, he has never abandoned you, never left you to our own devices. he heard you when you called, he knew what was going on in your heart, in your mind, when you thought of giving up, he was there and made sure it didn't happen. when you thought you couldn't go on, he was there to wash over you with his truth and remind you of who HE thinks you are. God has heard you, and he still hears you, and will always hear you. you're never alone, you are always blessed with his presence, he's always with you, and you're always with him. amen!

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