Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Fear

Genesis 15.1
Don't be afraid. I'm your shield.
yes God! we will fear nothing! we will fear no one! thank you lord for GOING BEFORE US! for protecting us, thank you lord for ASSURING us of this. tank you lord that AS WE OBEY YOU and AS WE MOVE IN YOUR PLAN - YOU ARE OUR SHIELD! whatever the uncertainty, whatever the circumstance and situation, however fearful, WE WILL NOT BE AFRAID, because YOU ARE OUR SHIELD! that is more than enough for us, more than what we could ever ask or think! the God of all heaven and earth, the God who made everything, the God whose voice called out the elements, THE ONLY GOD THERE IS - IS OUR SHIELD! our protection, security, fortress, foundation, companion, force, our might and strength! thank you lord! be blessed and honored, God!

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