Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Told Ya So

Genesis 17.23
Just as God had told him.
amen lord! we will do so JUST AS YOU TOLD US! we will put you first, you will be our God, you will forever be our saviour and lord, and you will always be the first one to pop into our heads when we have new ideas, decisions to make, joys to celebrate and lows to get through. thank you lord, because YOU WILL ALSO DO JUST AS YOU TOLD US! what a huge hope and what true security we have in you! thank you lord that we can count on you, thank you lord that we can rely on you and know that you are God, you are holy, you are IN CONTROL, you HAVE CONQUERED all, and you ENSURE OUR SUCCESS as we obey you lord! thank you for being our GOD, thank you for your generosity! thank you lord that we have you and you made us yours, JUST AS YOU HAD TOLD US! amen amen amen!

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