Saturday, May 12, 2012


Genesis 15.6
And he believed! Believed God!
yes lord, we believe you! we will finally get it to our HEADS, our HEARTS, our ACTIONS, our LIVES - that WHAT YOU SAID IS TRUE! that our reward is great! that we are blessed! that our descendants will be numerous as the stars! that whatever our hands touch becomes fruitful! that we will celebrate whatever our circumstance is, that our portion is YOU, that we are PROTECTED and SECURE IN YOU! that we CAN REJOICE, that NOTHING can topple us! nothing can get in the way of your best for us! NOTHING LORD! NOTHING, NO ONE! NOT EVEN US! NOT EVEN US AS MERE HUMANS CAN STAND IN YOUR WAY LORD! thank you thank you thank you! even if we don't see it yet, WE BELIEVE YOU LORD! YES, LORD, WE DO!

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