Sunday, May 27, 2012


Genesis 20.7
Give the man's wife back to him. He's a prophet and will pray for you.
thank you lord, that when other people's good intentions lead to our depravity, YOU COME AND INTERVENE and TURN IT ALL AROUND FOR OUR GOOD! thank you lord that YOU'RE THE ONE WHO ALWAYS KEEPS THE LOOSE ENDS TOGETHER! lord may we realize this and write it on our hearts and in our minds that YOU ARE THE ONE IN CHARGE, and no plan of the enemy will ever prevail against you, and because of that no plan of the enemy will ever prevail against us! thank you lord that our job is always to pray for the people around us, whether they do us good or bad. thank you for this lesson that we can learn from you today - YOU ALWAYS WORK THINGS OUT for YOUR good! and with that the BEST FOR US happens. thank you lord thank you lord!

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