Thursday, May 17, 2012

He Sees You, You See Him

Genesis 16.13
You're the God who sees me!
Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!

thank you lord that you see us! thank you lord that you see me! that you know what is going on in me! you know absolutely everything - the uncertainties i face, the fears i battle, the situations i am in - but more than that, more than all these, YOU SEE MY SECURITY IN YOU! you see my VICTORY in you! you see the REAL TRUTH IN MY SITUATIONS! that you are strong, sure and true, which in turn makes ME STRONG, SURE AND TRUE IN YOU! thank you lord that when you see me, I SEE YOU! because you wash me with your word! the more time i spend with you, the more time i spend in your word, the more you see me, the more I SEE YOU, the more i see myself the way you see me! thank you lord! what would i be without you? what would we all be without you? thank you lord that with you, we are PROTECTED, we are SAFE, we have the GRACE and the STRENGTH to keep going and knowing that you ALWAYS COME THROUGH! thank you lord!

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