Sunday, May 20, 2012

On and On and On

Genesis 17.7
My covenant goes on and on.
thank you lord! you always keep your part, you are always faithful, and we can count on you to ALWAYS BE OUR GOD! thank you lord that we have security, we have peace in you, forever and ever lord - as we honor you as our God in our minds, hearts, lives, in everything we are - cicumstances, situations, big or small, you will FOREVER BE OUR GOD! nothing will ever break your promise, it will always be fulfilled, and nothing can ever stand in the way of your faithfulness. thank you lord for staying true to your word! whatever you called in your word GOES ON AND ON - because you are our God, because you are our Master, we are healed, we are fruitful, we have wisdom, we are protected, we are covered, we have hope, we have joy, we are strong, we have faith, we have grace! thank you thank you lord!

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