Monday, May 28, 2012


Genesis 21:1
GOD visited exactly as he said he would; GOD did what he promised
what a great God! EXACTLY as he said he would!. what he PROMISED, HE WILL DO! thank you lord! when you promised healing, you did it just as you said! when you promised provision, you gave it, just as you said! thank you lord! when you promise protection, security, safety, covering, health - YOU WILL DO THEM ALL EXACTLY AS YOU SAID! thank you lord for we KNOW FOR SURE that we have your promise, we can count on you, even if we ourselves forget, YOU NEVER WILL! you wilk grant us your presence whenever you say so, because you are always with us! and that is our greatest security lord! thank you thank you father for being so great, so good, always true to your word! yes lord! if you say so, it IS so!

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