Friday, May 18, 2012

The Strong One

Genesis 17.1
I am the Strong God.
yes lord! you are the STRONG One! thank you God that we can RELY on you! thank you lord that we can count on you! thank you God that in all our uncertainties, all our circumstances and situations, in all our weaknesses and indecision, YOU ARE THE STRONG GOD! thank you lord that amidst our doubts, troubles, difficulties, hopelessness, frustrations, YOU ARE THE STRONG GOD! but MORE IMPORTANTLY, even in our joys, our highs, our celebrations, blessings, victories, faith, fruitfulness, provision, health, life, wisdom, guidance - YOU ARE STILL THE STRONG GOD! thank you lord that as you rule our lives, as we let you call the shots, whatever is happening, whoever is with or not with us, nothing will ever ever change the fact that YOU ARE THE STRONG GOD! amen amen amen!

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