Saturday, May 19, 2012

All Of You

Genesis 17.1
Live entirely before Me.
yes lord, we will! thank you lord that we don't have to be ashamed of our past, we don't have to be trodden down with guilt or overwhelmed with incapacity, because you don't just pick the GOOD from us - you love us ENTIRELY! you want our WHOLE LIFE lived before you! thank you lord that we don't have to be WORTHY of your love, WORTHY of this life - we don't have to pick out our best bits and hide the rest from you, no - we can come boldly before you and LIVE ENTIRELY BEFORE YOU because of what you did! oh God thank you for the cross! thank you for FREEING US FROM WORTHYLAND into a LIFE that you ALREADY MADE WHOLE! thank you thank you lord! the world can hurl nothing at us, the enemy can hurl nothing at us - nothing will ever make you love us less, and because of that we will LIVE by your grace, LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT as our gratitude keeps overflowing because of you. thank you lord!

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